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Taiwan has versatile food culture

Versatile FoodDue to the special population structure and the cultural diversity, food inTaiwan is like a miniature of the world map. Food and dishes from allover the world are available in Taiwan. After the Chinese civil war, 2 million veterans, that retreated from the mainland China, brought allthe Chinese culinary techniques to Taiwan. New immigrants from Vietnam,Indonesia and Philippine bring up SE Asian restaurants. Western influences are also found in decent restaurants or street vendors.Prosperity has produced a food culture that caters people with decent food from all the gourmet corners of the world.

Eating is an affordable luxury in Taiwan

Many delicate and sophisticated cooking techniques are used to offer somevery unique Taiwan flavors. Food is cooked slowly in soups and stews orquickly by deep frying. Favorite dishes include oysters with soy beansauce, prawns wrapped in seaweed, abalone, cucumber crab rolls, and clams. Some restaurants even display fresh produce and materials for diners to choose what and which one they want. Fruit drinks areprepared in special beverage shops. Desserts and sweeties are just everywhere.

After filling the belly, drinking a cup of good tea uplifts the food culture to a higher level. Taiwan is famous for tea, especially the lightly roasted oolong tea. Tea is brewed in a small pot and served inone-ounce cups. Drinking tea is a symbol of leisure. It is also conducive to conversation and beneficial to health. Taiwanese tea isalways on the must-buy list for tourists from Japan, China, Korea and Hong Kong. The good tea has many renditions in all types. Bubble tea isa good representative, gaining its global fans with steady steps.

Food-Driven Festivals

Taiwan should count for the No. 1 food lover in the world. Every festival is celebrated by eating some specific festival food. Furthermore, each festival food even differs in different region in Taiwan.

Festivals Celebration Food
Chinese New Year Glutinous rice cake / Radish cake
Lantern Festival Yuanxiao (sweet rice-flour dumpling)
Tomb Sweeping Day Spring Roll
Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi (rice dumpling)
Moon Festival Moon Cake

Where to eat?

To eat authentic Taiwanese delicacies, you really need some insider access. You might eat good food in fine restaurants or street vendor. Some delicacies are just out of easy reach for expats in Taiwan because some are homemade only or exist only in some hidden lanes.

I can just suggest you to bring a local friend or family for the hunt of authentic delicacies in Taiwan.

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