Taiwan: First Portal into Asia Market

Pave Future in the Heart of Asia

Theglobal economic center is moving from the west to the east. The mainstage is shifting from mature marketplace to newly emerging anddeveloping ones, especially the BRIC countries. Among them,China and India are at the center of the Asian-Pacific region. Theirstrong economic powers have made them the new driving force of theworld economy. Taiwan is geographically and culturally close to thecenter of this world economic circle. The location of Taiwan makes it aperfect spot for international corporations to establish theirheadquarters in Asia-Pacific region.

Taiwan is uniquelypositioned on the west edge of the Pacific, its location is of economicand military importance. Taiwan is the gateway between Europe, America,Japan and the booming Asia-Pacific markets. It is also the first choicefor international company headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region.Taiwan's capability in science and technology is of world-classcompetence, presenting the most effective play in Asia on recently USeconomic recovery. Taiwan enterprises offer superior profitability andvalue creation dynamics.

Furthermore, Taiwan enjoys thelanguage, cultural and geographical advantages. With thenormalization of cross-strait trade, both local and foreign companiescan completely make use of Taiwan's potential advantages. Through thelinkage with the international market, Taiwan industry has become thedevelopment test-bed for Asian market or the Greater China market. Dueto its unique demographic composition and special cultural versality,Taiwan is a probing spot of cinema premieres for many Hollywood filmstudios. For students, Taiwan is the first portal to enter Asia and thebest destination to build their future career in Asia.