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Free, Open Society

Taiwan is an open societyTaiwanis a modern, free and multiparty democratic society where people arehardworking, fun-loving, educated and friendly. People have the freedomof speech and the rights of expression. It is dynamic and versatile inevery aspect you name it. Its special cultural background makes thesociety open for alien cultures and the people quick to adopt newthings. In Taiwan, you can experience a vibrant, modern society where peopleanticipate new things eagerly.

Theopen mindset of thissociety can be seen in many aspects. Taiwan is usually among the firstcountries in Asia to premiere Hollywood films, sometimes the first inthe world. Because of Taiwan's unique demographic patterns and culturalcompositions, it is seen as a good indicator of the box office in Asiaor even the whole world. The promotion cost and affiliation fees of newfilms are so huge that it might result in catastrophic loss if the filmstudio jumps into a market too soon. For example, Taiwan premiered "TheAvengers" and "Ironman 3" the first around the globe. That means the peoplein Taiwan are among the most eager to adopt new things.

The NewYork Times praised Taiwan as the beacon for human rights issue acrossAsia. For 13 years in a row, the "Gay Pride" parade took over theboisterous streets of the capital of Taiwan - Taipei. Openly insame-sex issue, Taiwan is an inspiration for many of the Asia. Itspopulation is small, but its influence is overwhelming. The elements offreedom, generosity and love make Taiwan such a lovely place.