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Asia's Hot Destination

Taiwan is Asia's Hot Destination

Taiwangains a good reputation by its prevalent and trendy soft-power. Taiwanis known for many outstanding cultural aspects: popular multi-ethniccuisine, historic relics, pristine landmarks and gorgeous landscapes,to name a few. Taiwan's soft-power influences Asian audiences with popmusics and TV shows of creative selling points! Tourists love Taiwanfor all reasons. Taiwan is deemed as a must-visit-in-lifetime spot forMainlanders, a weekend rear garden of Japanese, and a frantic dreamlandfor immigrants from Hong Kong and the the ASEAN countries. Taiwan hasits charisma deserving the reputation.

You can easily seemuch information on the internet about how impressive Taiwan is. Butpeople rarely know Taiwan is a surfer paradise. Resting on the meetingpoint of Pacific Ocean, Japan Sea and Philippine Sea, the southern andeastern coasts of Taiwan are also the famous surfing spots. The waverich coast of Taitung is an ideal field for breakthrough events withworld-class waves. Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) listsTaitung as 1-star rated surfing spot. “Taiwan is right in-betweenChina, the Philippines and Japan and it’s a little known fact that it’shome to some incredible surf,” said Dane Jordan, ASP AustralasiaGeneral Manager.

Withall the attractions, Taiwan is a great magnetic center not only intourism, but also in academy. Taiwan's institutes of higher educationhave been actively recruiting outstanding international students withexceptional talents. Taiwan has established many academic systems toprovide international students with counseling services and support.Non-language barrier learning environments are provided in someuniversities. Taiwan is becoming a higher education center in Asia.