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Cultural Cocktail

Portugese sailors shouted - Iha Formosa - when seeing TaiwanIn1542, Portuguese sailors on their way from Macao to Japan came acrossan island not identified on their maps. Amazed at the forest-cloakedland, they shouted, "Ilha Formosa," meaning "Beautiful Island." Afterthat encounter, Taiwan began its debut on the world map and itsdramatic destiny with numerous visitors, Spain, Netherlands, Japan andthe retreating veterans from the mainland China.

As animmigrant society, Taiwan has long been a cultural melting pot forresidents coming from the mainland China, Southeast Asia and aboriginesas well as western immigrants. This has resulted in a great diversityin its spoken languages and daily diet. The culture of Taiwan is a blendof modern and traditional, national and international, unique anduniversal. Due to Taiwan's complex political background, the influencesof indigenous culture, Confucianism, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, andWestern civilizations can all be seen at the same time.

Thedominant culture in Taiwan is Chinese. Immigrants from the mainlandChina since the 16th century, especially those who arrived in 1949,after the Chinese civil war, brought Confucianism and Chinese cultureto Taiwan. Besides Chinese influence, Japan colonized Taiwan from 1895to 1945, influencing Taiwan in the language, culture, and architecture.Earlier than Japan, Netherlands and Spain also left some traces inTaiwan. The colonization of alien countries had grown an profound rootin Taiwan. Visitors can still see western-style architectures and hearold Japanese songs emanating from nearby taverns.

Taiwan isa hearty culture host for all from the east and the west. You canhardly see the border among the different cultures so that there existno any specific zones called like Vietnam town, Japan town or Koreatown etc. The culture of Taiwan is exactly like a cup of culturalcocktail. Come take a sip of it. It will definitely impress you!