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Island that Never Sleeps

If Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps, Taiwan is truly anisland that never sleeps. Because of the safety of evenings and the24-hour eating culture, Taiwan is a great place for night owls. Few placeson earth are as atmospheric and as exciting as Taiwan at night. Andyou'll probably be shocked too when you realize just how late life onthe streets persists in Taiwan. Its nightlife isn't just aboutbars, discos and lounges, it's also about night markets, KTVs,convenience stores, parks and even bookstores! Let's see how lateentertainments light up the night in Taiwan.

Night Markets

Night Markets

It's a special Asian culture for people to do all recreational tasksin the night markets, getting some little snacks, buying clothes,playing carnival games or arcade games, or just taking a strolloutsides. Night markets in Taiwan are always very big in the forms ofwinding lanes (Taipei) or squares (elsewhere). They feature all thelocal eating, clothing and playing styles. Night markets are noisy andcrowded because Taiwanese just love the warm and boisterous atmosphere.Taiwan has over 100 night markets and many famous night markets openevery night. They offer food fresh and hot with very affordable pricesuntil very late in the night. Night markets are on the must-see listfor tourists and play an important role in the daily life of locals.

24-Hour Hot Meals

24-Hour Hot MealsHere refers to all descent meals rather than just plain snack bars.Taiwanese of work-hard-play-hard ethos come an appetite that lasts farbeyond the borders of the nine-to-five world. Luckily, it is also aplace that caters to those who are in need of a good, hearty,affordable meal long after the office lights have been turned off.Eating at a late-night buffet-style restaurant is a cheap, fast way tosatisfy that midnight craving.

Convenience Stores

Convenience StoresWith more than 10,000 shops on its 36,000square kilometers of territory, Taiwan has the highest concentration ofconvenience stores around the globe. 10,000 convenience stores inTaiwan mean you can literally bump into one convenience store every500 meters. Most amazing of all, they open for 24 hours and never takeany days off. They can do far more things than simply selling food orsnacks in comparison with their foreign counterparts. Shoppers can withdraw money,book train tickets, collect goods ordered online, send laundry or evendump their garbage during a casual visit to one of the stores. Wine andbeers are sold there too. You can grab some beverages and then go to asilent park for drinking and chatting with friends.

24-Hour Bookstore

24H Hot MealsWhile some people are slowly walking homethrough the neon-lit streets or getting ready to hit the club scene,others are on their way to a more unusual nocturnal hangout -bookstores. Eslite Group has 42 bookstores all around Taiwan and 1 inHong Kong. Night gathering in the bookstores has become a culturalphenomenon in Taiwan. Eslite creates a friendly environment and treatsbooks as well as the visitors with great hospitality. The mix ofliterature and design has made the stores a hangout for hipsters aswell as bookworms. They are as much a place for books as it is fordesign, fashion and home styling, small cafes and restaurants. It hasalso become a magnet for tourists visiting the island, especially somefrom the mainland China in search for literature banned under theCommunist Party's strict censorship. Noble books, cool music, tastycafes, cozy atmosphere and chic people all make the bookstores a classylightspot in the night.

Entertainments of All Kinds

Taiwan has no shortage of entertainment choices, especially in thenight. Late recreations in Taiwan go in a good versatility, rangingfrom clubbing, bars, KTVs, billiards, bowling to cinemas. Among them,KTV is most loved by locals and expats. If you are familiar withTaiwanese karaoke, you know it's much different than the westerncounterparts. Karaoke houses give you a private room with anunexpectedly awesome stereo system, where you can order drinks, sing,and add time. There goes a wide selection of Taiwan pop songs and musicfrom all over the world! For expats, KTV is a good choice for Chineselearning. Just go with the subtitles and sing up your Chinese tone.Suddenly, you turn into like a native Mandarin speaker. Enjoy rooms with greatlighting and ambiance that is all set for a great karaoke session withyour family and friends!

Taiwan is an island that never sleeps