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Taiwan: Easy Portal into Asia

Taiwanas an immigrant society is always open for new cultures and new people.Its cultural diversity and friendly generosity are rarely seen not onlyin Asia but all over the world. Stranger is no stranger. You can getall kinds of help from a total stranger. Asia is always thought to be kind ofhard-to-reach continental, especially for westerners. The warmhospitability of the people on this isle makes it an easy portal intoAsia.

Simply taking the living cost and quality intoconsideration, Taiwan is way ahead of many Asian cities. The life iseasy and fun. Living cost, tempo and standard of Taiwan make it anattractive lightspot in Asia. Taiwan is deemed as amust-visit-in-lifetime spot for Mainlanders, a weekend rear garden ofJapanese, and a frantic dreamland for immigrants from Hong Kong. Taiwanhas its charisma deserving the reputation.

Easy portal into Asia

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Learn Mandarin in China or Taiwan?

When it comes to learning Mandarin, students might wonder where to go, China or Taiwan?

Relativelylow tuition rates, favorable living conditions, and conducive MandarinChinese learning environment are some of the strong reasons whyinternational students select Taiwan as their ideal study destination,especially after students calculate the living cost and quality inTaiwan and other countries.

Beijing and Shanghai are noteasy cities for western students to live, just not to mention the painful air qualityand environmental pollution. The average rent for apartment per monthis around $975 USD in Shanghai, $921 USD in Beijing, but only $611 USDin Taipei. Students have to pay much higher for an OK standard inShanghai or Beijing than in Taipei. In addition to price, amplesupplies of stylish delicacies and energetic recreations must beaccessible for youngsters after a hard-learning day. Ofcourse, Taiwan is the 24-hour island for night-owls. Most important ofall, most of them are very affordable.

Taiwan and Chinashare the same culture and language. However, the outer appearances andinner mindsets are totally different. People easily see the apparentdifferences of the two countries. All in all, Taiwan is muchfriendlier, more laid-back, more easygoing, all around cooler, safer,more convenient to get around. In Taiwan exist more hidden gems, alwaysready to give you an unforgettable surprise.