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Friendly people

Friendly peopleTheslow tempo, the comfortable climate and the soothing ambiance all makethe life in Taiwan very relaxing and cozy. The satisfactory lifein turn makes Taiwanese people friendly and helpful. The warm,welcoming personality of the Taiwanese people is widely acknowledged byinternational students and visitors as its unique internationaltrademark. Taiwanese love to share what they own and what they canoffer without expecting any rewards. Sharing and helping from a totalstranger is very common in Taiwan.

For those locals whonever leave Taiwan, it is very difficult to understand why an expatkeeps praising such a simple deed of helping strangers. BecauseTaiwanese people always behave in this way. 2014 an American student,Geraldine Miranda, from Georgetown University came to Taiwan as anexchange student. Geraldine has spinal muscular atrophy, a rarehereditary disease characterized by general muscle wasting andprogressive loss of movements. Throughout her exchange stay in Taiwan,she was helped out with bathing, cooking and laundry by the entireclass of over 20 students everyday.

Taiwan is really likean Utopia where people are always willing to give a hand to a totalstranger. You can generally trust anyone on the street and get allkinds of help from a total stranger. Stranger is no stranger. As aSingapore tour guide described, the hospitable people are the mostcharming landmark in Taiwan.

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