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Quality Education System in Taiwan

Dong-Hua University, Taitung, Taiwan

Quality Education

Taiwanhas an outstanding higher education system that provides opportunitiesfor international students to study a wide variety of subjects, rangingfrom Chinese language and history to tropical agriculture and forestry,genetic engineering, business, semi-conductors and more. Chineseculture holds education and scholarship in high regard, and nowhere isthis truer than in Taiwan. Thus, the educated class enjoys good respectand social status, resulting in a good education system in Taiwan. This also explains why a small island like Taiwan can be such a successful IT island.

Theuniversities of Taiwan are not only broad in subjects, but also ingeographical distribution. There are 167 universities on the island of Taiwan, which is only 36,000 square kilometers in territory. A simliar-sized country - Netherlands has only 37 universities. The education resources in Taiwan are the most accssible globally, averagely 137,000 persons share one university. Everywhere can you find Mandarin courses that areconducted by Sinology departments or Literature colleges in localuniversities. So we recommend you to live in the central or southernpart of Taiwan, where the majority of people do not speak English. Manyexpats visit Taipei at first, then end up falling in love with thesouth of Taiwan. You will love the genuine Taiwan style and theunforgettable hospitality.

Quality Education

Agreat education can lead to a great future. There are many reasonsinternational students see Taiwan as an exciting and rewarding place topursue their education. Taiwan possesses all conditions for youngstersto fulfill their dreams.

Here is a chart of the most determinant reasons why the international students or scholars choose Taiwan.