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Norm Chinese Accent in Taiwan

Mandarin Chinese spoken in Taiwan is sort of attractive tone that is the result of keeping the ancient Chinese language - Hollo.

Hollo had been the ancient Chinese official language for over 2,000 years, during which abundant amounts of civilization records had been created, like songs, operas, novels, religion thinking, poetry, martial theories and Kong Fu classics. Those works were all done in the form of traditional Chinese characters and in the tone of Hollo.

One interesting thing to mention is that Confucius did speak Hollo, instead of Mandarin Chinese. "Mandarin" refers to the Mongolian tribe who occupied Beijing since Yuan dynasty.

Mandarin Chinese - Taiwanese Accent
Ancient Chinese - Hollo

Why is Taiwanese accent different from Mainland China's?

The modern Mandarin Chinese had been transferred gradually from Hollo due to the 1,000 years long occupation of nomadic tribes from the Mongolia grassland. Their languages use many pronunciations from the tongue, the throat and the nose. As a result, you might hear many kinds of modern Chinese accents in China with curling tongue and sticky throat.

Thanks to the early immigrants from Mainland China to Taiwan, these ancestry helped keep the original Hollo language in Taiwan. Taiwanese accent is clear and melodic without much use of tongue or throat.

Taiwanese accent is popular among the greater Chinese circle

Mandarin Chinese spoken in Taiwan sounds clear, articulate and expressive. So the Taiwanese accent is very popular in the greater Chinese circle. Chinese all over the world love to sing Taiwanese pop songs in KTV rooms and watch Taiwanese TV shows at home. In China, the TV stations cast the news anchors and TV show MCs that speak more like Taiwanese tone or even hire Taiwanese nationals directly.

Taiwanese Pop Star - Jay Chou
Cover by Chinese learner in China

How to learn Taiwanese accent?

You have good chances to build up this good accent from scratch in Taiwan and appreciate the classic melody of Taiwanese Hollo. Mandarin has four tones while Hollo has seven. Without using too much tongue, throat and nose, these tonal languages make every speaking word sound like vibrant notes.

You are recommended to be immersed in a whole Chinese speaking environment by living either with a local family or a share house in Taiwan. In Taiwan, some foreigners learn to speak this Chinese accent very fast while some are not. Environment is why.

Cross-Cultural Housing in Taiwan is a good choice. It's where you can find a local family or a share house. By engaging into the right environment, you'll definitely become a Chinese savvy!