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Amazing Geo- & Bio-diversity

Advancetechnologies, modern civilizations and historical relics all markTaiwan as an unique spot on this planet. What makes Taiwan even morespecial is its geographical and biological diversity thanks to threemajor elements: climate, geography and location.

Taiwan's Geo-diversity and Bio-diversityTaiwan,the collision outcome of the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine SeaPlate, is active geologically for millions of years. The two majorplates are still uplifting Taiwan at the rate of 5 mm per year. Thereare 257 mountains taller than 3,000 m (9,843 ft) on this island of36,000 square kilometers, the most mountainous in the world. Thenumerous mountains just offer a big canvas for abundant rainfull andflowing rivers to work out an amazing painting of landscapes. There arenumerous geographical phenomena, like sky-high gorges, icy springs,seabed hot-springs and bold mountains resembling the surface of themoon. Taiwan's natural aesthetics are a big touristic attraction.

Dueto the abundant rainfall and generally warm temperatures, vegetationgrows rampantly on this island, forming a unique breeding ground forall biology domains. The flora and fauna of Taiwan diverse tremendouslyand many species are endemic to this island. Taking up a mere 0.002percent of the planet's land area, Taiwan is home to 2.5% of globalspecies. Praised as the Butterfly Kingdom, Taiwan accounts for over 400species of butterflies, 56 species are endemic. Besides, Taiwan is alsothe resort to countless migratory birds all around the year due to itsperfect location on the Pacific Ocean and its warm temperature. Allaround the year, professional researchers and amateurs rush to Taiwanto witness some of the rarest species of butterflies and birds on thisplanet.