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Taiwan is an island that never sleeps!
Taiwanese are the most friendly people

Friendly People

The comfortable climate and the soothing ambiance all make the life in Taiwan very relaxing and cozy. The satisfactory life in turn molds the warm, welcoming personality of the Taiwanese people. The hospitable people are the most charming landmark in Taiwan.

Taiwan is an island that never sleeps!

Island that Never Sleeps

If Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps, Taiwan is truly an island that never sleeps. Because of the safety of evenings and the 24-hour eating culture, Taiwan is a great place for night owls to enjoy all the affordable nocturnal recreations.

Taiwanese food

Versatile Food Culture

Due to the special population structure and the cultural diversity, food in Taiwan is like a miniature of the world map. Many delicate and sophisticated cooking techniques are used to offer some very unique Taiwan flavors. Eating is an affordable luxury in Taiwan.

Taiwan is Asia's Hot destination

Asia's Hot Destination

Taiwan gains a good reputation by its prevalent and trendy soft-power of pop music, TV shows and stylish food. Taiwan is deemed as a must-visit-in-lifetime spot for Mainlanders, a weekend rear garden of Japanese, and a frantic dreamland for immigrants from Hong Kong.

Amazing Geo- & Bio-diversity in Taiwan

Amazing Geo- & Bio-diversity

Thanks to three major elements, the climate, the geography and the location, Taiwan is globally prestigious for its geographical and biological diversity. Spectacular natural aesthetics and precious rare species all mark Taiwan's unique status on this planet.

Taiwan is an open society

Free, Open Society

Taiwanese are among the most open to adopt new things and the most eager to see new films. Hollywood film studios see Taiwan a good premiere indicator of the box office around the globe. The New York Times praised Taiwan as the beacon for human rights issue across Asia.

Taiwan is a cultural melting pot

Cultural Cocktail

As an immigrant society, Taiwan has long been a melting pot for alien cultures from Spain, Netherlands, Japan, Mainland China, and Southeast Asia. You can hardly see the border among different cultures. Taiwan is exactly like a cup of culture cocktail.

Vegetarian paradise

Vegetarian paradise

Big vegetarian population, plus the support from the government, religion groups and some green organizations make Taiwan a vegetarian paradise. Thanks to the official policies and the friendly eating environments, vegetarian friends will definitely be amazed by Taiwan.

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