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Taiwan: Ideal Base for Asia Backpacking

By joining BMT Program, you have an ideal backpacking base at the heart of Asian. It is an efficient way to explore Asia by visiting every of major festivals and saving the exhaustion of lengthy journey.

Perfect location - Always Ready for Major Asian Festivals

Taiwan rests at the west edge of the Pacific Ocean, an introductory position into Asia. The location of Taiwan makes it a perfect base for a grand Asia expedition. It is located at the heart of the Asia-Pacific region.

The average flight time from Taiwan to the seven major cities in Western Pacific is merely 2 hours and 55 minutes, northwards to Tokyo and Seoul, westwards to Shanghai, southwards to Hong Kong, Singapore and the capitals of the ASEAN countries.

You can be always ready for any important festivals in any Asian cities, like the Songkran in Bangkok, the Matsuri in Tokyo or Kyoto, the Chuseok in Seoul, or Longhua Temple Fair in Shanghai.

Taiwan is an ideal Base for Backpacking in Asia

Ideal Backpacking Base for a Grant Asia Expedition

Asia is of countless ancient treasures and stylish culturesBy joining our program, you already have a reliable helper in Taiwan upon your arrival. Your host family is your ideal backpacking base. Instead of trailing tons of luggage all the way throughout the long journey, you can just leave much of your luggage at homestay residence.

Asia is of countless ancient treasures and stylish modern cultures for every young heart to explore. These fascinating surprises can definitely expand your horizons.

In-between your short trips in Asia, you have a home-like residence to refresh and recharge yourself. With our full support, BMT Homestay Program is definitely the best springboard for your deep diving into Asia!