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Consultation & Support

When you decide to start this brave move to Taiwan, we are here to give you full support and consultation all the way through. You get our support even before your flight to Taiwan. You don't have to worry about what kinds of visa to apply or where the trusted homestay in Taiwan to find. You can go through all the lengthy procedures without knowledge of a single Chinese characters.

Smart Incomes

Visa and Scholarships Consultation:

Taiwanese government welcomes Mandarin learners to come to Taiwan by releasing some scholarships. Many local universities offer their own scholarships, up to NTD 25,000 ($833 USD) per month. With our help, you are at the best position to apply for a suitable scholarship.

Alternatively, you can also work in Taiwan with valid visa. You are recommended to apply for Working Holiday Visa (WHV) if you are from some affiliated countries. If you wish to spare more time for exploring something new instead of struggling for money, the pocket money of BM homestay program is quite enough to cover basic expense in Taiwan.

(Officially affiliated countries: New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Canada, Germany, Korea, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Spain, France)

Smart Incomes

7/24 Local Support:

With our local support, you save huge cost of time and money buzzling with all the life trivials or document preparation. BM team are all of professional locals that know Taiwan very well. You can have all the available resources at your disposal, like where to have the best fun or how to enjoy the genuine lifestyle like a local.

In case of emergency or accident, you are entitled to contact BM coordinators. BM team deems the safety of our clients as the highest priority.

Enjoy the local lifestyle with insider access

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