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Homestay in Taipei, Taichung or cities in Taiwan

Our crew visit and enlist all the host families in Taipei, Taichung or anywhere in Taiwan with high standards to offer the best homestay quality. Besides, we offer bilingual contracts for the safety of expats in Taiwan.

Since 2013, we've been recruiting host families in Taiwan. We know the the benefits of living in a whole Chinese speaking environment, instead of a private studio so we are devoted to creating a safe and fair homestay platform. With our experiences and support of international team on the this platform, expat housing in Taiwan becomes quite easy and budget friendly.

Here can you see some family samples below.

Host Family Samples

We list some host family samples here. You will find more Taiwan host family on our new platform with all the detailed infos, like 360 panorama photo of the guest room.

Family Wang

Family Wang

Family Wu

More Host Families in Taiwan

For Mandarin learning and Chinese culture experiencing, homestay in Taiwan is the best solution. Staying with your Taiwanese host family will give you an insight of Chinese culture. You have great chances to live in a whole Chinese speaking environment and get family-like supports.

Chinese Homestay in Taiwan

Learn Chinese in Real Life

As you join in host family's life and chores, you'll soon realize that even the simplest of family activities, like a trip to the market or walking through the neighborhood, can help you get involved in the culture and the language.

Safer and Cheaper than You Live Alone

Fee to BM homestay program is lower than the living cost in Taiwan. You save huge efforts and troubles of finding house rentals as a foreigner in Taiwan, such as contract misunderstanding, safety problems and risky uncertainties.

Family-Like Support

You get family-like supports in Taiwan. Homestay residence is also the ideal base in-between your short trips to any Asian major cities throughout the homestay duration. The host family provides a roof over your head, a seat at their table, and a place in their hearts as well.

Program Participants