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Q & A

1.Why should I join Best Mandarin (BM) Homestay Program?

BM Homestay Program is a total solution for fast Mandarin learning and thorough Chinese culture experiencing. Only by living with a local Taiwanese family can you learn Mandarin and experience Chinese culture in real life. If you merely register in the language courses, you might end up like the most expats in Taiwan, who hang out with other expats, speaking English all the time. You deserve a better choice to see this friendly and beautiful island.

Joining BM Homestay Program is a life-style, fostering a close bonding and brewing a brand new experience in Taiwan. The life is short! You need a good facilitator that integrates all the available resources for you to enter this mysterious continental.

2.How can I join BM Homestay Program?

Program participants should be adventurous, curious, and interested in exposure to theoriental cultures. In order to be considered for BM Program,potential applicants must meet all of the requirements below :

3.I've learned the simplified Chinese characters in my country. Can I continue with the traditional?

The language schools in Taiwan have Chinese courses in simplified characters as well. The lecturers conduct these courses in simplified characters and explain the simplified characters from its original forms. Chinese words are logograms so that listening to the stories of Chinese words is a fun way of understanding their meaning and composition.

Learning the standard characters helps comprehend the meanings and the lexical forms of Chinese words. The simplification eliminates important parts of original Chinese characters, that contain the profound wisdom in them. So you just recollect the missing parts of the words, just like you suddenly realize "hk" comes from "Hong Kong" and "tmr" from tomorrow.

4.What are my rights and obligations if I join BM Homestay Program?


In BM Homestay Program, you don't bear any duties of household chores except for keeping your room clean. To merge into the family and the local life, you are suggested to play with kids for 2 hours on weekdays.

The weekly 10 hours are also negotiable regarding the length or arrangement by discussing with the host parents. Given that Taiwan is among the lowest birth rate countries, most Taiwanese families have only 1 child, few have 2 or more. Your "playing business" is of very light burden and helps you interact naturally with the host family. This light obligation plus daily family dinners are good lubricants for fast fitting into the local life while honing your Chinese skills.


BM Homestay Program is based on au pair scheme. We quote the official European au pair contract recommended by BAPAA (British Au Pair Agencies Association). Each respective item will be modified into the standard contract according to the agreement between applicants and host-families, such as pocket money, duty hours, board and lodging.

Board and Lodging

You are entitled to an individual lockable room. Hot bath and internet are also available.

In addition, you have free access to food, just like any other family member. However, a steady and long sharing shall go with mutual respects. Sometimes you can show the host-family something from you country, like national dishes or specialties. Dining table is the best place for cultural sharing. The host family and you will have dinner together on weekdays, either at home or in restaurants.

Pocket Money

The monthly salary of NTD 5,000 ($151.3 USD) is standard contract bound to daily 2 hours playing with host kids. Averagely, our participants spend 43.5 hours monthly with kids. So the monthly salary of NTD 5,000 is divided to NTD 115 ($3.48 USD) per hour, the highest au pair wage in the world.

Int' Aupair Wage Germany Ireland Iceland Japan Spain UK USA Austria Taiwan
2014 CPI 97.85 106.82 115.43 105.87 81.49 117 100 86.74 59.41
Hourly Wage 1.98 2.65 2.96 2.81 2.73 4.86 4.35 4.36 3.48
*(n.) Hourly Wage 2.02 2.48 2.57 2.66 3.35 4.15 4.35 5.03 5.86

CPI Reference: Cost of Living Index from Numero One Unit: USD

The CPI normalization of the hour wage is a precise measurement of the living standard in specific nations.
Local Support

Upon your arrival, you already have a reliable helper in Taiwan. You can choose to have airport pickup services if you feel like it (price depends on your homestay city, normally around NTD 5,000). When you get installed in the host-family, you are not helpless as to all the nagging survival tasks, like opening a bank account, traveling information or even where to enjoy the amazing nightlife. All our coordinators are locals and know the way around both the city and culture, willing to help you deepen your Taiwan experience!

Emergency Help

Our participants are entitled to 24-hour emergency phone access to local coordinators, who live within 1 hours drive to your homestay. Your safety is our utmost responsibility.

5.What kind of Visa should I apply?


Visa application depends on the stay duration and the income type. We will give you the best advice according to your conditions.

If you get a scholarship offer before coming to Taiwan, you can apply for Student Visa by showing the registration proof from the language schools. Student Visa does not allow you to work. Imminent expatriation might apply if the authority concerned gets the evidence or report.

Depending on the homestay duration and the nationalities, participants might have visa-exempt entry. Please note that different nationals might have different lengths of eligible duration.

Official Visa-Exempt Countries: http://www.boca.gov.tw/content

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., U.S.A., Vatican City State, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore

Work Permit

If you have no scholarships and want to have some working experience, we recommend you to apply for Working Holiday Visa. It allows youngsters from *affiliation nations to work legally in Taiwan.

The application might take approximately 4-8 weeks. We will ensure you can get the Working Holiday Visa before coming to Taiwan. It is granted for a legitimate period up to one year maximum.

Officially affiliated countries: http://www.boca.gov.tw/ct.asp

New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Canada, Germany, Korea, UK, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Slovak, Austria, Spain)

6.What are the price-related policies?

Best Mandarin Program provides unparalleled Mandarin immersion program with flexible duration and affordable price.


Homestay / Cultural Events / Consultations / Supports

Program Duration 1 Months 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Homestay Immersion 19,500 51,500 99,000 178,000
*School Plus 33,000 79,000 153,000 279,000
*Meet-up Price 10%-30% OFF

Customized Program
Unit: NTD
School Plus includes Chinese courses in Homestay Immersion Programs. For courses in Taipei, extra NTD$ 5,000 per semester shall be charged. See the schedule of the Chinese courses .
Meet-up Price applies if you meet our crew in person either during our seminar overseas (Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles) or in Taiwan. If you want to meet our crew in Taiwan, please make an appointment via phone or Email in advance.
Applicants who are recommended by local language centers or associations ( AIESEC, ICYE, MUN, Toastmaster, NCKU or Rotaract) have Meet-up price as well.
Pocket Money: (optional)

The monthly allowance of NTD 5,000 is standard contract bound to 2 hours playing with host kids after dinner of weekdays. This light obligation plus daily family dinners are good lubricants for fast fitting into the local life while honing your Mandarin skills. Pocket money is given in NTD monthly via Best Mandarin team.

  1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Pocket Money 5,000 15,000 30,000 60,000

Unit: NTD 


To ensure the highest possible satisfaction, we include a "two weeks guarantee". You will get one more chance to interview a new host family without additional charge in case of any relationship difficulties. If such situation occurs, we will work effectively for a quick solution. While waiting for a new rematch, you shall pay the hostel fees for a maximum of 28 days. Any lapse longer than 28 days will be covered by Best Mandarin Team.

Two week guarantee applies also for the case of homestay rotation if your program is longer than 6 months.

Payment Schedule
S1-Registration S2-Application Fees S3-Contract Deposit S4-Final Payment
Basic Information Check
  • Family matching
  • Customized Consultations
  • Chinese Courses (optional)

Due in 7 days after signing
contract with host-family.
Due 30 days prior to arrival.
Free NT $3,000 50% Program Fee 50% Program Fee

S1-S4 are referred to Easy 4 Steps in the forepage.

Cancellation Policy

Once a refund request is issued for any proper reasons, Best Mandarin Team helps you through all the refunds, cancellation of language schools and ending contracts with host-families. The refund will be given based on the unused weeks, minus NTD 6,000 administrative fee. Our refund policy is not applicable if participants commit any criminal actions against the Taiwan Criminal Code or Taiwan Civil Law.

Application Fee


Program Fee

Refund is given based on the unused weeks. A refund of NTD 3,000 per unused week may be considered for withdrawal in the first one-fourth of your dealt contract length, NTD 2,400 per unused week for withdrawal in the 2nd one-fourth of your dealt contract length. No refunds after a half of program or for 1-month terms or shorter.

After refund document is renderred in person to BM office, refund of program fee will be given in cash (NTD) or transferred to the applicant's Taiwanese bank account within 7-10 working days.

Full Refund

Participants could request for a full refund only if their visa application is rejected. The full refund request must be submitted with a proof of visa rejection no later than 14 days before your term starts. Full refund will be given in NTD via Paypal and the participants shall bear the international transaction fee of the whole process.